The Breed Standard

Every breed recognized by the CKC has a breed standard. The breed standard is the blueprint for that particular breed. It helps define the characteristics of that specific breed. It is the breed standard that helps ensure that a Newfoundland is recognizable as a Newfoundland.  A responsible breeder should be very familiar with their breed standard and always aim to breed to that standard.  If you find that a breeder has little regard for the breed standard, you should strongly question whether this is someone you want to get a puppy from.  Your Newfoundland puppy should look like a Newfoundland and by working with a breeder that cares deeply about their standard, you are more likely to get that beautiful Newfoundland you are visualizing.

Below is the link to the Canadian Breed Standard.  There is also another link further below to the illustrated guide for the American standard.



It is a common misconception that Newfoundlands are lazy and do not require exercise.  Many Newfoundlands are very active and will become destructive and overweight without regular exercise.  They LOVE to work!  Expect to exercise your Newf daily with safe, low impact forms of exercise.  



The Newfoundland is a giant breed dog.  That does not mean they are a fat dog.  They should be kept lean and you should be able to easily feel their ribs.  Far too many Newfoundlands are overweight.  An overweight Newf that lives a sedentary lifestyle is a candidate for injury, especially knees.  



Every breed is prone to specific diseases and conditions.  This is no different in the Newfoundland.  Please do your research on these diseases and conditions before committing to this breed.  There are heart, orthopedic and eye conditions as well as certain forms of cancer, etc. that all affect this breed.  It is important that the breeder you choose is performing health clearances.



If you cringe at the sight of drool, or need your house to be clear of dog hair at all times, the Newf is not for you.  These dogs drool and shed and require a significant amount of upkeep to ensure they stay healthy and free of skin conditions.  Plan to invest in grooming equipment or a groomer.  Upkeep of their coats is a must.  If you cannot handle dirty floors and drool all over your clothes, pick a different breed.



The Newfoundland temperament is the single most important characteristic of the breed.  Too many Newfs end up in rescue due to ill temperaments.  This is due to indiscriminate breeding practices.  Select a breeder that not only values a proper Newf temperament, but is ensuring they are breeding for a correct temperament.

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